Deceased Parent Scholarship: For Students Who Lost a Parent to Cancer

If you have lost a parent to cancer, I know personally how painful and devastating that experience can be.  My mom was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s in 1997 and passed away from the cancer in 2000.  With the loss of any parent regardless of the cause, there is a lot of uncertainty, stress and in many cases financial concerns.  You may be wondering what scholarships are there for students who have lost a parent to cancer.

Through generous donations many families have either donated money to colleges and universities or started their own deceased parent scholarship to honor their loved ones.  In many cases, these scholarships are dedicated to students who have lost a parent to cancer.

Scholarships Information for Students Who Lost a Parent Due to Breast Cancer

  1. The PinkRose Foundation provides scholarships of one-thousand dollars ($1000) to students whose parent has dies from breast cancer.  The scholarships are intended to help student’s personal growth and help start the process of overcoming the pain that losing a parent to breast cancer can cause.  Eligibility – must be between eighteen (18) and twenty-five (25) years old; US citizen / permanent residency and must have a high school diploma or GED.
  2. The MaryEllen Locher Foundation provides scholarships to students whose parents who have lost their lives to breast cancer or are survivors of breast cancer. The scholarships offered are based essays, eligibility, financial needs, grades and community service.  Students who win a scholarship must reapply each year and complete at least one project related to breast cancer awareness.
  3. The Coalition Against Breast Cancer offer a program that helps ease financial and emotional burdens faced by the growing number of children affected by the loss of a parent / guardian to breast cancer. The program awards students who demonstrate their ability to take a difficult life experience and show positive growth and a character building experience that enables a positive future.  The minimum scholarship award is one-thousand dollars ($1000).   Eligibility – will be based on an academic achievement, personal essay, letter of recommendation (cannot be the students parent) and financial need.

 Available Scholarships for Students Who Have Lost a Parent to Cancer

  1. The Marily Yesto Memoria Scholarship provides a twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500) scholarship opportunity to those students who have lost a parent / guardian to cancer or a parent currently fight cancer.  Eligibility – the applicant’s parent / guardian must have been diagnosed with cancer while they are between the ages of fifteen (15) and thirty-five (35) years of age.  The applicant must also be thirty-five (35) years old or younger when they apply.  The applicant must attend a two (2) or four (4) year university, college or vocational program.  Additionally, scholarship recipients must perform twenty-five (25) hours of community service.
  2. The Michael A. Hunter Memorial Scholarship offers two (2) scholarships worth five-thousand dollars ($5,000) to provide the children of leukemia patients who have died from the disease with financial assistance.   Eligibility – open to high school seniors, university and community college students who have maintained a 3.0 GPA.  The student must write a six-hundred (600) word or fewer essays detailing how leukemia has affected them.  Additionally, the student must present a letter from a doctor confirming the diagnosis of Leukemia.

As you have read, there is a great deal of deceased parent scholarships available for students who have lost a parent to cancer.  We hope that this post has provided you with the information that you need to understand the kinds of scholarship options that you have and take some of the stress you may have away.

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